I would rate him 100 if I could. Dr. Trainor has been the most helpful doctor I have seen in 20+ years. He is knowledgeable, savvy, solution-oriented and won’t stop until his patients are well. In addition, he will network with colleagues on complex cases/issues. I have been to over 30 doctors for help with a persistant autoimmune situation and Dr. Trainor has been the most helpful doctor I have seen (by a landslide). I can’t say enough good about him and consider yourself lucky if he agrees to take on your case. He is absolutely the best ND on the planet, hands down. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!!

The Tony Hernandez

a month ago
Dr. Trainor has been helping me for a couple of years now. I gotta say he is really takes his time and does his best to provide the best personalized treatment. I definitely recommend him

Bill Yahres

2 months ago
At 63, anti-aging and optimal health is a clear priority for me. Dr. Trainor is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and has made a remarkable difference in my health management, sports recovery and general well being. If you’re looking for a personalized approach with a customized health management plan, I highly recommend Dr. Trainor!

julia stejskal

2 months ago
Love working with Dr. Trainor. He is very knowledgeable and breaks everything down for you. Can’t wait to continue my healing journey!

Gracie Otte

2 months ago
Dr. Trainor is a wonderful NP that has helped me figure out my root cause. He takes time with me and always gives me the attn I need in order to feel better. Healing is his specialty! We need more drs like him!

Kimberly Smith-Fletcher

2 months ago
I’ve been seeing Dr Brian Trainor for about 6 months and since starting his treatment my chronic infections have slowed significantly and I’m hoping they will eventually stop altogether with continued treatment 🙂

Christian Brasier

3 months ago
Dr. Trainer has been a huge help in getting back to being healthy again. I’ve had some gut issues over the past year and with his help I’m finally seeing and feeling a positive change. His attentiveness and attention have being very encouraging and a HUGE help!

Dana Head

3 months ago
Working with Dr. Trainor was totally different than anything I’d experienced previously with other doctors. He really takes his time with his patients; listens and cares to understand the full picture; and works diligently to overcome health issues and optimize health. I really can’t say enough good about him, from his background, his depth of knowledge, and his friendly demeanor. If you want to work with someone who really sees you for you and wants to see you not only be health, but truly thrive, then you should work with Dr. Trainor.

Tyler Russano

3 months ago

brett alblinger

3 months ago
Dr.Trainor is incredibly thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I have UC and he has been instrumental in my recovery and remission.

Mandie Vinck

4 months ago
I can not speak high enough about Dr. Trainor! He really listens and is beyond knowledgeable about health. I have never been as healthy as I am now from seeing him!

Taylor Stevens

4 months ago
Dr. Trainor takes the time to listen and truly understand your goals or health challenges you want to address. He’s easy to talk to and has an array if ideas that he’s willing to explore and change the course if treatment as needed, He’s also focused on affordability so more people have access to holistic medicine. So glad we found him!

Forrest Brown

4 months ago
Thorough and caring. I had a blood panel completed with Dr. Trainor and a consultation. He was not only kind with excellent bedside manor, he also explained every result and walked me through treatment plans, further tests, and current research. I’m short, he is passionate and caring!

Pat Zanoni

4 months ago
Dr. Brian has been very thorough and comprehensive with the lab work he has ordered. He has been helpful in recommending supplements that have really increased my energy, and since I am a Senior, I really value that increased quality of life.

Chris Francis

4 months ago
I have been to many doctors throughout my life and Dr. Trainor has easily been my favorite. Feels like the first doctor I’ve had who really understands my health challenges and goals and has put me on a path towards better health that has clear, measurable progress markers along the way. Also love that he utilizes medicine & homeopathy and isn’t just one or the other.

Tiana King

4 months ago
Dr. Trainor came highly recommended to me based on my medical history and my desire to work with a naturopathic doctor and his service has not disappointed! It’s not easy to find a practitioner with Dr. Trainor’s specialty experience, especially one that is as thorough and thoughtful as he is. After working with Dr. Trainor for the last couple years, I have found relief in many of the concerns I originally came to him with and was always presented with multiple options and the full picture which has enabled me to stay confident in the drivers seat of my own health.

Mira Mira

4 months ago
Very caring doctor with new, out of the box ideas.

Brian McGill

4 months ago

I enjoyed my initial consultation with Dr. Trainor. He was attentive to my needs and helped explain my lab results.

Tiana Luckett

Dylan Templeton

Abigail Patterson

Great practice in San Diego!

Mary Kim